The query is assumed to be: # «n 28. 191. fifty eight. 169» # # Use «?» to get assistance. #rn# # The next results may perhaps also be attained by way of: # http://whois. arin. net/rest/netsq=28. 191. 58. 169?showDetails=trueandshowARIN=falseandext=netref2 #NetRange: 28. .

– 28. 255. 255. 255 CIDR: 28. . /eight OriginAS: NetName: DNIC-Web-028 NetHandle: Web-28—-1 Parent: NetType: Immediate Allocation RegDate: 1996-03-11 Updated: 2009-03-23 Ref: http://whois. arin. internet/rest/internet/Web-28—-one. OrgName: DoD Community Information Centre OrgId: DNIC Tackle: 3990 E. Wide Avenue Metropolis: Columbus StateProv: OH PostalCode: 43218 State: US RegDate: Up-to-date: 2011-08-17 Ref: http://whois. arin. internet/relaxation/org/DNIC. OrgTechHandle: REGIS10-ARIN OrgTechName: Registration OrgTechPhone: 1-800-365-3642 OrgTechEmail: registra@nic. mil OrgTechRef: http://whois. arin. internet/rest/poc/REGIS10-ARIN. OrgAbuseHandle: REGIS10-ARIN OrgAbuseName: Registration OrgAbusePhone.

1-800-365-3642 OrgAbuseEmail: registra@nic. mil OrgAbuseRef: http://whois. arin. net/relaxation/poc/REGIS10-ARIN. OrgTechHandle: MIL-HSTMST-ARIN OrgTechName: Community DoD OrgTechPhone: one-614-692-2708 OrgTechEmail: HOSTMASTER@nic. mil OrgTechRef: http://whois. arin. internet/rest/poc/MIL-HSTMST-ARIN. rn# # ARIN WHOIS facts and solutions are topic to the Terms of Use # obtainable at: https://www. arin. net/whoistou. html #The Office of Protection? Holy shit!! My SIPdroid cell phone application is passing my packets to the U. S.

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Can someone else see my Internet service story if I use their Wi-fi

Government. What the hell is going on here. I fire up Wireshark to choose a look at the SIP discussion. When generating a simply call from SIPdroid, the application redirects the conversation to the DoD’s server (my MAC/IP’s modified right here):No. Time Supply Destination Protocol Info 18 one. 717795 66. 87. x. x 192. 168. three. 1 SIP Request: ACK sip:3xxx@maestro. markturner. net. Frame eighteen (401 bytes on wire, 401 bytes captured) Ethernet II, Src: Cisco-Lief:01:02(de:ad:be:ef:01:02), Dst: AppleComef:02:03 (de:advert:be:ef:02:03) World wide web Protocol, Src: sixty six. 87. x. x (66. 87. x. x), Dst: 192. 168. 3. 1 (192. 168. three. one) Person Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 48780 (48780), Dst Port: sip (5060) Supply port: 48780 (48780) Place port: sip (5060) Size: 363 Checksum: 0x8cf2 [validation disabled] Session Initiation Protocol Request-Line: ACK sip:3xxx@maestro. markturner. net SIP/2.

Approach: ACK Request-URI: sip:3xxx@maestro. markturner. net [Resent Packet: Phony] [Request Frame: nine] [Reaction Time (ms): 260] Message Header By way of: SIP/2. /UDP 28. 191. fifty eight. 169:43488 rportbranch=z9hG4bK64444 Max-Forwards: 70 To: tag=as064a198d From: tag=z9hG4bK56563304 Simply call-ID: 374319500332@28. 191. 58. 169 CSeq: 1 ACK Person-Agent: Sipdroid/2. 4 beta/VM670 Information-Length: . I poke by the options pages of SIPdroid, hunting for any entry which may possibly have specified this IP as a proxy. Nothing at all in the configurations suggests this proxy (perfectly, absolutely nothing that is seen, in any case). SIPdroid is an open up-source SIP client, meaning all the source code is available to any individual for analyze. This is will make it hard to cover unexpected … uh, «features» like this. Nevertheless, like most smartphone owners, I set up SIPdroid in binary kind.

Could this IP be concealed in the SIPdroid code someplace? If not the code, the binary? The SHA checksum on the SIPdroid 2. four download web page matches the just one I produce on the downloaded file, so it truly is achievable the file’s been altered but hugely unlikely. So … if this IP deal with is just not section of SIPdroid, this raises the awkward issue: could the entire cellphone be issue to this snooping?Further thoughts. So, do I imagine the U. S. gummint is spying on me personally? Rarely! I am a quite open, peaceful, patriotic, civic-minded guy.

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