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See the following large-scoring response, and be positive to go through the rubric to enable you identify what would make this reaction efficient. Think about what features you can integrate into your very own absolutely free- reaction answers.

Sample Substantial-Scoring Response. In the fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years, European nations commenced to claim diverse areas in the New Globe. Using new sea technologies these as the astrolabe and improved navigation procedures, Europeans sought new trade routes to the Indian Ocean and Asia. Sailing west and obtaining new continents in its place, the Europeans soon understood the financial potential of the Americas.

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The Spanish, French, and British each and every took a special tactic to how they utilized the New Planet territories in which they settled, resulting in distinctive and profound patterns of social improvement. The Spanish had two significant targets: to gain wealth and to distribute Catholicism to the indigenous populations.

Knowing the likely to mine important metals and gain from substantial-scale agriculture, the Spanish pressured American Indians into labor, this kind of as via the encomienda program. Violence and deception have been frequently applied to subdue the indigenous populations, aided by the technological superiority of European weapons and the distribute of devastating illnesses. Although some Spanish arrived as missionaries with the target of changing American Indians to Christianity and typically protested the abusive cure of the American Indians, even missions from time to time in essence forced labor and coerced assimilation to Spanish lifestyle. In the long expression, a hierarchical social construction made in the Spanish colonies in which the Spanish-born and their descendants (peninsulares and creoles) dominated all those of blended qualifications (mestizos and mulattos) and especially these of pure African or American Indian heritage.

Over-all, millions perished among sickness and mistreatment, devastatingly weakening regular cultures but enriching the Spanish. The French differed from the Spanish in their partnership with the indigenous populations. Using the St. Lawrence River for transportation and trade, the French profited from trading fur pelts, specifically beaver, with the American Indians, and then sending the pelts to Europe.

These traders profited from the knowledge and goods of the American Indian populations who lived there, and unquestionably preferred to build mutually profitable relationships with them. Total, this additional cooperative partnership served maintain American Indian cultures and led to alliances between the French and various American Indian nations. These alliances benefited the French in later on wars with the British.

The British had been extra interested in creating long term communities in North The usa. Jamestown, Britain’s very first prosperous settlement, was economically primarily based. The romantic relationship with the American Indians turned hostile as the selection of British settlers increased and they sought to occupy far more land for tobacco output. In New England, lots of of the settlers ended up Pilgrims or Puritans searching for cost-free expression of their religious beliefs. Listed here, the British also disrupted American Indian societies and established a romance of hostility concerning the groups as the British not only encroached on the native people’s land for farming but they also started to spread smallpox, killing a big proportion of the indigenous populations.

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